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About Fresh Education

A center for independent learning, Fresh Education was founded to provide highly personalized experiences for each individual, determined by each scholar’s particular strengths, needs, and interests. 

We recognize that all learners deserve to discover their strengths and interests through an individualized curriculum and cultivated community relationships.

​The Fresh Education model is based on the best practices in Personalized Learning from across the country and around the globe. Scholars start the day with their Mentor to set goals and, together, determine the processes and tools they will use to accomplish their goals and assess their progress towards them.


Our Programs

The Circle LB

Full-Time Small Group Instruction

Fresh Enrichment

Part-Time Small Group Instruction And Curriculum

Our Philosphy

Fresh Education was founded on the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and be supported in their academic and social-emotional growth, regardless of their learning style, special needs, or zip code.

A Scholar may be “bright and bored” – or left out or left behind for lack of resources, have special needs that are not being met, or maybe a social or kinesthetic learner… No matter the case, we trust a child’s awareness of their needs and work together to define and support them.