Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

Cathie Fountain, MA, President / Director

Cathie is an educator and advocate in the early childhood profession for over 30+ years, Cathie has come to understand the profound importance of quality early learning experiences and its effect on a young child’s development. Cathie completed her B. A. in Human Development at California State University, Long Beach and received her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, also from CSULB.

Cathie is a founding member of Little Owl School in Long Beach and currently full-time tenured faculty in the Child Development and Educational Studies Department at Long Beach City College. Additionally, Cathie is currently the Coordinator for the California Early Childhood Mentor Program at Long Beach City College. Cathie is a passionate advocate for children as well as providing environments that guide their discovery, providing opportunities that allow children to construct their own understandings and knowledge, and facilitating their growth of critical thinking through reflective engagement.

And now has the happy opportunity to share all of her passions for Early Childhood Development with her twin 2-year-old grandkids!

Heather Gilman, Treasurer

Heather is the parent of two school-aged children, one attending sessions at Fresh Enrichment and one at a charter-middle-school, and she recognizes the need for personalized education. Her passion for individualized education has come from seeing the power that is gained by meeting the needs of children where they are vs where “they should be”! 

Heather is Vice President of Finance for Optum, earned her  BA degree in Biology from Williams College and an MBA from Stanford.

Joyce T White, Secretary

Joyce is a free thinker ahead of her time, Joyce has always fostered a true care and respect for all people, but especially children. As a single mom in the ‘70’s, Joyce worked as a bookkeeper for a wholesale fish company. She supports access to quality education for all communities. Her true joy is spending time with her five grandchildren in California and New York.