Yes, we at Fresh Education do know this is an interesting title for a “First-Ever Blog” – and still, we choose to acknowledge what so many of YOU have recently shared with us: The ongoing nature of the global pandemic, concerns for the health and safety of our children, economic considerations, and – bluntly, pandemic fatigue – have all taken their toll.

What we have heard in our conversations with you: “We are tired” – “My children just don’t seem to be able to stay on-task for very long” – “…this almost seems like PTSD” and more.

The concern we hear just underneath the words: “Will this stress ever end?” – and “Will my children ever be able to catch up?

There is no “quick fix,” and certainly, Fresh Education doesn’t pretend to offer one. We, too, have observed kids’ recent frustration tolerance is minimal, their ability to sit still and focus has diminished, and there is a high level of separation anxiety in the younger children.

What Fresh Education does offer is a small-cohort environment, emotional engagement and support, and a creative and diverse curriculum designed to meet each learner’s needs. We recognize that all learners deserve to discover their strengths and interests through cultivated community relationships, a wide range of experiential learning activities, and age-appropriate curriculum.

Lastly, we want to hear from YOU – our Fresh Education parents and community partners, supporters, and friends. We value your voice, and hearing it during this time of unique challenges and stress matters.

Please take 30-90 seconds to share YOUR voice with us here