Teaching Team

Mrs. Dorothea Jones (she/her)
Multi-subject, Credentialed Teacher

Dorothea lives in Long Beach, has three grown children, and is familiar with the tough decisions parents have to make for their children. She also knows what a significant difference alternative schools can make in the lives of the scholar and the parents.

She holds a mulit-subject credential and has been working for LBUSD for the last three years. Dorothea chose Fresh Education as the learning environment where she would work for her clear credential and “be the change” in education.

Dorothea shares that her goal in joining the Fresh Education Team is to help make learning exciting so that students LOVE education!

Dorothea is retired from being a medical secretary and chose teaching as a second career because she loves learning!

She holds a BA in Sociology and teaches Zumba Fitness classes. She love’s Jazz music and is a professional Swing Dancer!

Sophia Rowen (she/her)
Teacher’s Apprentice

Sophia graduated from UCSB and received a BA in Psychology and Art History in 2019.

She has a background in STEM facilitation and makerspaces with a history of both formal and informal education institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Sophia is an advocate for hands-on learning rooted in inclusivity,m creativity, and play. She is excited to help scholars achieve their goals through independent, individualized, fun curriculum!

Colette Clark (she/her)
Teacher’s Apprentice

Colette graduated with her BA from CSULB in December 2021 and interned with Fresh Education last fall during my final semester.

She has always had a strong interest in teaching, and was instantly enamored with Fresh Education’s gentle learning philosophy. I am eager to learn and understand from Dr. Mickie how to foster an environment of learning where the children feel respected and valued at all times.

Colette is currently applying to masters programs to earn my MA in elementary education, and feel extremely grateful to gain classroom experience with Fresh Ed.

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